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Experienced in multiple quality-of-life services


The best seated fitness workout for seniors delivered by certified trainers.


Beginner-level yoga provides a course of stretching and relaxation with a wellness focus.

Online Fitness

We are are putting together everything that our in-person services offer - but in a digital format. This allows individuals to enjoy our training programs at their convenience and pace.

safety & reliability

Fully-managed wellness services

We allocate an instructor

We provide our instructor with everything they need.

We provide the program

Our programs are both fun and effective.

Vetted and certified

All our instructors are trained and certified.

Pre-class safety checklist

We take safety seriously and build it into every session.

Responsive customer support

All our support is handled in the United States.

Simple recurring billing

Save time with simple billing and smart reporting.

because fitness should be fun

Everyone deserves to enjoy their path to wellness

Continued physical activity is key to extending high quality-of-life years for those in assisted-living environments. The right courses and programs can provide enjoyment and social time alongside the physical and mental benefits of exercise. At Eudaimonia, we don't just focus on fitness - we care about all-around wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What areas do you offer your fitness classes in?

We currently offer our services in all 50 states and work in most cities and towns that have at least 50k in population.

2. How much does your service cost?

Our goal is to build long term relationships with the assisted living facilities, adult day cares, nursing homes, and rehab facilities that we serve. With that in mind we work hard to tailor a custom package that fits our partners needs. To learn more just send us an email and one of our consultants will get in contact with you.

3. How may sessions per week of instruction do you typically offer?

This varies by partner but we have found the doing 2-3 sessions per week shows the best results.

4. Who teaches each class?

Each one of our fitness instructors are fully certified by the governing bodies in their specific field of instruction.

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